My Teaching Metaphor

This week we learned about metaphors. We were then to think of a metaphor for teaching and create a digital story around this teaching metaphor. My teaching metaphor is: Teaching is like being an architect.

The process of making my digital story was stressful; I had no idea where to begin. I don’t really know how I came to a conclusion but I decided to make a PowerPoint after discovering I could save it as a movie. You can record audio on a PowerPoint so this was great as well. I finish with putting it together and I save it as a movie. I was shocked, disappointed, and very upset when it didn’t quite work the way I wanted. In the movie I was able to see all the slides, but my audio did not come with it. After about an hour of Google searching I decided to try something else. I used QuickTime Player to do a screen recording. I was kind of skeptical at first because it was just a screen recording how will I know if my audio will come through? I did a trial run just to get a feel for how it works. I totally messed it up the first time and ended up rearranging my slides on video. Restart, and I find out that I have to play the audio myself throughout the PowerPoint. This was frustrating, as I had to keep going back and forth from switching the slide and then playing the audio. I messed up quite a bit just recording the audio for the PowerPoint so I did not want to get even more frustrated by doing it live during the video, which I knew I would mess up many times as well.

This whole process, including the actual script and putting together of the PowerPoint, took about 4 and a half hours. I then had to figure out how to embed this into my blog. This wasn’t as difficult as I watched videos on how to do this but there was a problem with my computer. I finally gave up and just decided to put it on YouTube. Surprisingly, this was the least stressful part of the process.

I looked at some of the ways my classmates had done this and I wished that I had looked at them first. They seem to have struggled the same but some actually found software that was easy to navigate. I should look at some of these resources and see if all my suffering could have been avoided. This is the first digital story I created and it may be choppy but I think it was a decent effort for a first timer.


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