Let’s Get Creative

Ever wanted to make an awesome poster or maybe a comic strip? Of course, I know I have. However, my problem was always finding the “right” app or Internet tool to create one. A lot of the time I could get it done, but it wouldn’t be exactly how I wanted it or it took a long time to create. This week in my digital literacy class, we got to get creative by creating a graphic/visual about our independent learning project. I immediately sighed a bit because I was thinking about how many hours I would have to spend finding the right tool and then figuring out how it works so I can actually make something with it. We were to chose a tool of creation and create a poster, info graph, or a comic about our independent learning projects. I was relieved when we were introduced to these new tools and we had to choose one to create our graphic or visual.

My independent learning project was learning ASL so I decided to just make a poster because I really couldn’t picture making a comic strip out of it. After looking at some of the tools, I decided to go with an online tool called Canva. It was pretty easy to begin; you got the choice to sign up with Facebook, Google, or your own email account. From there we got to choose what type of poster we are making. I like to browse every option, like shopping, I’m a girl, but I am a pretty simple person and usually end up doing something fairly simple in the end. I chose to make a photographic poster because I wanted pictures of the signs for ASL. There were tons of choices in this one category of photographic layouts and it seemed to never end. I knew I needed a layout where I could put three pictures so I was specifically looking for a layout that had this. I looked at other layouts and loved how they looked and how different they all were. I knew immediately that I needed to remember this tool in the future. I was debating between a few choices but I finally settled on one.

Then, even more choices. There was already a font for this layout, and I don’t usually stray from this font because it was made for this layout, but you could pick from many different styles of font and some were really cool. Many more choices like: changing the background, adding more text, and elements such as lines, illustrations, icons, etc. The possibilities for a poster were endless. I try something new every time I begin a project like this but I am stubborn and like to keep things simple. I feel that if there is too much going on in a poster, then it distracts from the message. So in the end I still kept it simple and I like what I was able to create.

Something that kind of irritated me was that it would cut parts of my pictures off. I loved that I didn’t have to try and size each picture; it would just pop right into the default picture. However, parts of my pictures were cut off and it is almost hard to distinguish the placement of my hand and fingers. I tried playing with it for a few minutes, seeing if there was some trick to it, but I hadn’t discovered a way to change it. I am guessing that the actual picture has to be certain size to be able to see the full images. Other than this I didn’t run into anymore issues with Canva.

I will definitely use this in my classroom, with creating math posters or putting up equations. When I thought about this in my future I actually thought about another tool we were introduced to, Piktochart. I read about this and watched the tutorial and thought this would be great for a math classroom. I could display graphs or implement it into a lesson plan of some type. I plan to look more into using Piktochart and see if I can work with it.

The poster I created with Canva. The signs are the letters ASL.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Creative

  1. Good post! it seems like you had a much easier time navigating through this site than I did! For me it wouldn’t let me click on certain things or it seemed like I just wasn’t getting anywhere, I wonder if it works better for certain computers?


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