Where am I on Google?

After doing research on digital citizenship and what it is, I was already curious as to what I would find if I were to Google myself. Of course I had done this before, but it was years ago. I was curious to see what I would find since I have graduated high school, came to college, and began my journey to teaching.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 9.57.07 PM.png

The first thing I typed into the Google search bar was “Elizabeth Olvera,” since this is my legal name. I got a few suggestions in the search bar, like having “facebook” at the end or another last name. This first link to come up was a website to a paralegal, also named Elizabeth Olvera, obviously this was not me. There were a few more sites for other people who also had my name, including different Facebook accounts. Then of course there were images for my search. I clicked on them to see if any photos of me, or photos I have posted, would come up. I scrolled a little ways down and did find an actual photo of myself. The link on the photo was “Alliance Class of 2014,” which was a photo article, from my hometown newspaper, of my entire graduating class. Our newspaper has an online website, which is how I am guessing this photo popped up on this Google search. I scrolled quite a bit more through the images but could not find anymore of myself.

Next, I Googled “Elizabeth Sara Olvera,” which is my full legal name. I didn’t think I would find much about myself since I don’t really share my middle name anywhere, except legal documents of course. I was right, I could not find myself with this search. Google had brought up links that ignored my first name completely and were just looking for “Sara Olvera.” I looked through the photos as well and did not find one of myself.


The name I use most online is “Liz Olvera,” so I Googled this next, expecting to find more of myself. The first thing that came up was images. I scrolled down, but did not find any of myself. The second link that came up was “Liz Olvera Profiles|Facebook.” When I first clicked on it I was the first one. Then I realized this must have happened because I was already logged into my Facebook. I went back to the Google page, opened a new tab, and logged out of my Facebook. When I clicked on the link the second time, I was not the first suggestion anymore. I had to go to the third page of the list until I found my profile.

Overall it took some searching to find myself with just a general name search. I added my hometown and state later, and more specifics came up. The first few links were about my hometown and graduating class. A few links down, I found an article from my high school newspaper about the cheerleading state competition, which I was apart of. The next link was a People Finders website, where I was the first person listed. The link after this actually had my mother’s name. I clicked on it and it I found her a little ways down the page.

I did know what I would find in this search. I didn’t really post much online before this class and when I do I make sure it is appropriate. I have most of my family as friends so I always keep them in mind when I make a post or put something online, because they seem to find out everything. I am a little disappointed I didn’t find more, but also kind of glad. I am glad I did not find anything inappropriate about myself, but I need to start making myself a little more known going into my education career.


4 thoughts on “Where am I on Google?

  1. That’s crazy that there were so many people out there with the same name. I didn’t find any one else with my name out there, which is probably both a good and a bad thing. I didn’t find a whole lot on myself, so I wonder if I added a location if I would be able to find some additional items. Good post.


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