In my digital literacy class, I’ve experienced many new things. Coming into the class, I had not known what to expect, except that it would be different considering it was all online. I had not taken an online class that had gone this much in depth with technology. This is an English course so I expected that I would have to provide some writing material. When I looked at the first real assignment sheet I was overwhelmed with how much is expected through out the entire week. It made sense considering we do not meet as a class at all and we had a whole week to complete these assignments, on our own time, and make it before the deadline. I struggled with deadlines and managing time, so this class was something different I had to work at. This class has met, and exceeds, my expectations in writing. I did not know I could write so much in such a short amount of time. I am also a perfectionist, which is not a good combination with a lack of managing time, and I feel like it takes me a bit longer before I feel confident enough submitting something. I, however, enjoyed many of the things that were required of us. I really enjoyed the module about ds106. I had never heard of ds106 until this class and I’m glad I was introduced to it. I thought the whole idea of the course was interesting and it was awesome that so many people described it as being the best class they had ever taken. Looking through some of the assignments, I thought how fun it must have been to create some of them. It is an open course for anyone and I thought that was great too. I think the most challenging module was when we started building our PLN’s. When I had first read the assignment I thought, “Well okay, how hard could it be to follow 100 people on twitter?” Turns out, very hard. Also time consuming. I had gone to the library early in the evening with a list of tasks I would complete, starting with the twitter task. I quickly found out that this would take quite a while because I could not just follow anyone; they had to provide relevant material concerning my area of teaching. However, I managed to complete this and it was worth it. I now have 100 more people I get to learn from and they also lead me to their sources of information. I have learned a great deal from this class and I hope it continues. The only thing I hope to learn more about is how to implement this information in other, problem solving, curricular areas such as math and science.


2 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. The idea of learning more about how to use diglit in areas of math and science is intriguing. I think all of the assignments up to this date have been leading us all to new places in our future careers as educators.


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